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NBA 2K17 In Five Years: Playing GM Of The Memphis Grizzlies

Regarding NBA 2K17 tips: as usual, when a game is released represent for you can buy the game, what's more, for most of players, they can play it on their preferred console. Now that games is available via buy NBA 2K17 MT PC.

The Way Around A Soft Ban

There is currently a glitch in the game that allows players to earn VC with hardly any effort. While the latest NBA 2K17 tips are similar to how it works, this new way is reportedly more efficient.

Players must go to the main menu and select Play Now. After this they should go to Play Now Online and select a tier 5 team instead of the usual tier 4 team.

Now all players have to do is start up a game and wait for the jump ball animation. Right before the tip starts, players should then quit the game and  the entire NBA 2K17 app. No settings need to be changed in order for this to work. Be reminded you that cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC for sale.

After following these NBA 2k17 tips, players can log back into the game. Players will then see their VC count has increased by 400. Now it is easy to earn at twice the speed without the worry of getting banned.

For those who are unaware what soft bans are, this is when players are banned from playing for 5-15 minutes. The good news is that players can jump right into a game after the ban is over. There are no reports of a permanent ban as of now.

NBA 2K17 Face Scan: Worst Way To Scan Your Face

Though there are some that take their gaming seriously and take advantage of the in-game purchase, others would just rather earn them the old way by grinding completed missions or modes. What some are not aware of is that there is a way to get unlimited VC, or virtual currency such as cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC, minus the soft bans.

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